Kiley Demond


Kiley Demond

Junior Paralegal

Kiley joined the firm in April, 2017 after receiving the Graduate Certificate in Paralegal Studies from Yavapai College in July, 2016. She works out of the Prescott office as the right hand(s) of the senior paralegals in Phoenix, the person who interviews new clients, and backs up Katie when she is out of the office. She is our tech genie and is bringing the firm up on the latest in law firm management systems. She has the front-view office on Marina and enjoys watching people look up at the lovely Victorian office.

Previously, she spent thirty years as a purchasing manager, contracts administrator and systems analyst in Silicon Valley working several start-ups and Electronic Arts. She also spent ten years as a dog professional, and several years as a proofreader, content writer and editor, and is an old school grammarian. Her love of dogs led her to law (legal contracts for dog breeders), which in turn was fueled by her love of language and fascination by the nuance of words and wording, a cornerstone of law.

She received her undergraduate degree from Pomona College in 1980 and attended the Brearley School in New York City, where she grew up. She loves tech, dogs and her new home state, spending her free time on computers, at the dog park, or exploring the area on her bike. She is interested in helping people navigate the tangle of legal paperwork both through technology and interpersonal communication.

She is a half-glass full person who loves to make people laugh — and is frequently successful.