Wendy Swainston-Lietz

Wendy Swainston-Lietz is a probate and estate planning paralegal for the Law Offices of Chester B. McLaughlin, PC. As some may remember, Wendy worked for the firm from 2000 to 2005, and recently came back to re-join the firm in August of 2018.

In her twenty-six years of experience in probate, trust, and conservatorship/guardianship administration and litigation, she has assisted attorneys with thousands of client files. Over the course of her career, she has had the privilege to learn from, and collaborate with, some of the best legal minds in Arizona and California. She loves contributing to the resolution of complicated legal matters, and her ability to analyze and problem solve is exceptional.

Wendy’s knowledge and experience are a welcome asset to the firm, and her patience and understanding with clients is unmatched. She is compassionate and reassuring during times of grief and a great ally in the battles of red tape.

While working for an estate planning firm in Phoenix, Wendy played a significant role in organizing, writing and editing the original Arizona Estate Planning and Probate Handbook, published by Thompson West.